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i was sitting here trying to figure out a way to entertain myself when i realized i should check out my community, you know to see if anyone had joined, but then i was thinking "hmm, why doesnt anyone ever post?" and by anyone i am really only talking about nat and kelsey. but then so i was all "hmmmmm" and then so i also realized i myself can post. so thats what i am doing now, and its not very entertaining, but oh well. i guess ill update on some stuff thats happened lately. well the first thing i am most excited about is on PBS they are having this special on quilting and i am all siked up for that!!........hahaha, okay no really, i am excited because nat (who is like my best friend if you havent already figured this out) is telling this guy that i like, that i like him. but see i feel really bad about liking him, because i broke up with my boyfriend like three weeks ago about, a little less. and i told him i wasnt ready for it because (to make a hugely long "i dont wanna tell it" story short) my boyfriend of like 2 mos broke up with me a month before, but then like 2 weeks after that we went out again and then he broke up with me like 3 days i told rj (my most current bf) that i jsut wasnt ready and didnt want to tag him along, and that id tell him when i was. but now i am feeling kind of bad because i want to go out with this other guy, the guy nat is telling i like, but in the back of my head i feel terribly for rj. but i guess that was three weeks should i feel bad? or am i just too sensitive toward what he is feeling? or am i actually being a inconsiterate bitch? lemme know! later
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